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We can understand that importance of security guards in big businesses, corporate houses, even big retail shops, but many small business owners, especially small and medium enterprises underestimate the importance of security guards or security officers. Due to absence of proper security measures, many incidents like burglary, thefts and other non-intrusive security matters are unnoticed or remain unsolved in many shops, and offices. No matter how many CCTV cameras you can install, nothing can shrink the significance of security guards in Melbourne.

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There are many other important roles to play for security guards. For a big event, any special occasion, festival or big party, security guards are very essential to manage the crowd, look at the safety of people and do all necessary stuff. Guards are also used to prevent imminent crimes; in shops they can assist customers, and employees. There are many benefits of having security guards in own establishments.

Sense of security

The most subtle benefit is sense of security. It is a feeling of peace of mind that makes the whole situation comfortable for business owners. Investing a small monthly payment to security companies in Melbourne, they are securing a good assurance and a sense of peace. This is also beneficial for employees as well. Employees working in high risk areas are always worried, and providing them with a security guard in their workplaces makes them comfortable and productive. It also helps to employers to retain employees as they don’t have to really thing about personal safety.

Sense of security is also important for customers as well. Security officials are necessary if you are involved in very high-end merchandise or your physical store is located in some high-crime areas.

Monitoring the surveillance

It is not always security guards sit at a place and do their duty. A security professional is knowledgeable about various advanced monitoring methods, for example, video surveillance, check credentials of customers or guests, monitoring for shoplifting and many other monitoring services. These things can be done without being typically working security guards. One can do effectively sitting in a private room at the backyard of the shop of business venues. These monitoring duties require essential knowledge and certain expertise.

Armed security guards for crime handling

Many good security guard companies give appropriate training to handle serious crimes. Some specialized guards are experts in taking details and help the police to catch the culprits. It is up to the business to decide what type of guards they need. Most of the security guard companies provide both armed and unarmed guards. It is also important to hire trained and licensed guards from prominent companies. Security guards must have calm mind and able to handle certain dire situations sensibly.

Prevention of crimes

Simply having a security guard present gives a strong signal to intruders that things will not be easy for them. Security guards are great deterrent to any delinquency. It gives a signal of security to thieves and they will think before targeting your business. A uniformed protective guard with firearm gives a confidence to employees as well. A guard is better visual deterrent than CCTV cameras.  It reflects seriousness about the business and its safety.

Help in other works

Many security guards are very helpful in shops in assisting staff. These guards are sort of customer service providers. They control the access to an area as well as guide customers or reply their queries. Many shop owners have security guards at their front desks, which helps them to work multiple works. Guards are also helpful customers to direct them to proper shelves and products. After a period of experience, they can also assist customers with new products. In addition, they can also escort customers to their cars after dark.

Security guards are mandatory these days. For small companies these guards are very helpful in number of works. Many small and medium enterprises are growing fast and with growth they have also many security threats. Proper security guards with adequate training will be very helpful. Not just offices, but many shops, especially big retail shops, jewellery shops and others have trained guards to protect and prevent any unwarranted happenings. These guards are well aware of the situation and deal with things sensibly.


About the Author: Geoffrey Baker is a senior consultant & attached with some security companies in Melbourne. He has a history of 25 years of security checking with state police and now working as analyst for private security agencies to look for Security Guards Melbourne, special event security detailing etc.

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When it is a matter of the security of your business you must be extremely careful and choose a team after ample amount of research. Shoplifting or property damage in the business premises is nothing new.  Research shows that shoplifting and theft amounts to almost $4 billion per year. And thus you know, why hiring a team for protecting your business or shop premises is important. Not only that, anything can go wrong during a corporate party or promotional event as well.

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With the increasing crime rate everywhere, it is becoming important for anyone to make sure that the home they are building is secure enough. It is true that the government is doing everything in their power to ensure that the crime rate in Melbourne, Sydney, and whole Australia drops. However, it is not happening anytime soon. When the authority is busy to keep track of the crime rate in your city, why don’t you try to secure your property and your loved ones?


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