Palazzos Are in Fashion – Try Them

Palazzos Are in Fashion – Try Them

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Hot summers are definitely not the time to have clothes clinging lovingly to your curves or limbs. Instead, you would like to put some space between your skin and apparel. Bearing this in mind, the best thing you could do would be to go in for comfortable palazzos and loose tops.

They Suit Everyone

Do not be under the impression that palazzo pants suit the tall and slim woman alone. These pants suit everyone, regardless of whether the person is short, rotund, plainly plump, tall, slim or thin. Do not allow this style to intimidate you. If you manage to find just the right style, fit and matching accessories, you should get through just fine!

Fancifully White

Oh, yes, white is definitely everybody’s favorite during the warmer days. It makes an individual look fresh and chirpy even during the hottest of summers! Then again, cotton and linen fabrics tend to make you look poised and chic always!

Now, since you have chosen white, it is imperative to have the right fit. You will not be able to hide faulty tailoring. Therefore, do not hesitate to spend more. In addition, you will have to go in for healthy mixing-and-matching to achieve that ‘perfect’ look. For instance, you may love to don sheer white palazzos. Obviously, the material will have to be silk, chiffon, or even georgette. If you are going to roam around in white shorts covered by flowing, silky pants, you are going to look very sexy indeed! However, ensure that the top is equally sheer, in order to display that draping and seamless look. It may be designed from silk, lightweight lace, etc.

The wide flared pants go beautifully with all kinds of colored shirts or tops. For instance, you may team your white palazzo pants with full-sleeved, semi-sleeved or sleeveless tops. Experiment with anything you want, as long as you find matching clothing accessories to go with the attire. To illustrate, stilettos or flats tend to look silly with such pants. Instead, go in for sandals or wedges. It would be good if they are white too, or a drastically contrasting color. A matching pair of sunglasses, bracelet, belt and handbag should suffice to complete the picture. The best part of this ensemble is that it does not need much in the way of jewelry or makeup.

Casual and Colorful

White cannot be worn every day, throughout the summer. You will have to go in for the casually colorful attire most of the time. The advantage is that you may go in for all kinds of fabrics. Furthermore, cloth merchants love to experiment with all kinds of conservative, unconventional, geometric, and even bizarre prints. Therefore, you may opt for styles that are complement your personality.

You may team up the wide-leg pants with any kind of top. For example, even plain T-shirts will look great. You may try diverse kinds of necklines too. Considering, that, it is the hot season, you will not choose high or closed collars, obviously! Whatever you opt for, just ensure that exhibits some kind of shape and size. It must not be too long, covering half the palazzos, and destroying the entire look. As for accessories, you may come up with your own mix-and-match inspirations. There is one thing that you should pay attention too, however. It relates to the purchase of a well-fitting panama hat, to keep the sun’s rays away from your face.