Shape Up Your Garden With The Perfect Hedge Trimmer

Shape Up Your Garden With The Perfect Hedge Trimmer

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Are you a passionate gardener who loves to landscape his little plot of land in different ways? Then you must have invested a good sum of money and effort on modern garden tools. When it comes to marking aesthetic boundaries around your home or adding elements of privacy, the hedge is often the apt choice. Moreover, they not only encourage wildlife but they are a much sturdier alternative to traditional fences. So, how do you work on those hedges of your garden?

It is no doubt that hedges can be visually pleasing but you need to trim them regularly to keep them looking beautiful. So have you invested on good hedge trimmers to get the job done? Read further to know how you can select the best hedge trimmer for your garden.

Consider the power type of the trimmers

Hedge trimmers are available in three different kinds when it comes to the power type of the device. They are powered by petrol, electricity, and battery and each of these types have their individual features and pitfalls. For instance, trimmer operated by electricity and battery are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre compared to the one powered by petrol. But also keep in mind that petrol hedge trimmer offers the maximum power than electric or battery run trimmers. Another thing to consider is that electric trimmers are restricted by the length of the cord available. The battery-powered models are lightweight but they often have a limited power supply. While petrol trimmers are more powerful, they are often heavier and noisier.

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 Consider the teeth placing and blade length of the machine

Traditionally the teeth spacing of a hedge hammer varies from half-an-inch to 1.5 inches.  It is important to note that trimmers with wider teeth spacing provide a rough finish although they can cut through thicker branches of big trees. The blade length of this amazing tool can also vary but for most gardens, a 14-inch blade will work just fine. But machines with larger blades will enable you to have more access across the hedgerow.

Further, while looking at the teeth spacing and blade length of the machine, I would recommend you to check the blade action as well. Also, opt for a double-action blade as these are more effective at cutting the hedge as the blades move in opposite directions.

Consider long reach trimmers

While considering the best trimmer for your garden, make sure to long reach trimmers. When it comes to reaching areas of the hedge at height, instead of balancing on a ladder, consider the benefits offered by this type of trimmer. Long reach hedge trimmers are designed to make the cutting of tall hedges safer and easier. They have a fixed and extendable shaft that allows users to cut the side of the hedge above head height.

So, choose the right hedge trimmers that will keep your boundaries look neat and tidy with less time and energy. Choose other outdoor tools like pressure cleaners to maintain your garden. Also, consider ride on mowers to make your outdoor space appealing to your neighbours and visitors.

Author Bio: Albus Raider is a professional gardener. In this article he writes about various modern garden maintenance tools like lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and pressure cleaners Berwick. He also mentions how you can pick the best hedge trimmers.