Child Molesters – What Parents Can Do To Keep Them At Bay

Child Molesters – What Parents Can Do To Keep Them At Bay

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According to Dr. Mace Knapp, a psychologist serving in the Nevada State Prison, a serial killer tends to have the exact same personality characteristics as that of child molesters. Furthermore, according to the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin child molestation, after rape, is one of the most under-reported crimes, with 5 to 10% of the cases ever coming to surface.

With that being said, one cannot even fathom the type of affects being molested sexually can have on a child. And worst, that we know that 95% of child molestation can be prevented and we have the means to do it, yet most of us are unaware of what can be done. We turn to therapists and physicians, professionals that can help their children and their families and the police to help keep sex offenders away but sometimes, by the time we turn to them for help, it is too late.

Parents Role in This Situation

Parents are the only individuals that can get to their children in time and keep creeps that lurk the dark corners of the street to prey on young innocent minds and destroy them in such irreprehensible way from which they can never be restored. This makes parents the only people that can save their children from child molesters and keep them at bay. Parents are the only ones that can talk to their children about things like these and how they can keep themselves safe and how their parents will always protect them no matter what.

There might be parents out there shaking their heads at talking about the bird and the bees with their 6, 7 and 8 years old without scaring them and they are right. Yet, at the same time what they do not know is that their little ones could have already been exploited, not by a stranger, but by someone they know pretty well and trust. And what is even worse, is that the children never tell and the adults never know what has happened.

Statistics have shown that 67% of children being sexually assaulted are usually under the age of 18, while 34% were under 12 years old and 14% were even younger than the tender age of 6. Furthermore, it has also come to the forefront that 96% of the time victims of sexual assault know their offenders while only a measly 4% were strangers. This fact, although astounding, is unbelievably true, which means that once again, only parents can tell them of this sort of danger and even protect them.

What Parents Can Do?

Since dangers of child molestation tends to stem from home more often than not, parents need a way to keep an eye on their children at all times. No matter where their children are, at school or over at their cousin’s birthday party, parents need to be privy to details like where their child is and who you child is with and is interacting with at all times. As we are well aware that no parent living in the current times and economy is capable of tailing their children wherever they go and wherever they are going to be because it is practically impossible and impractical too, since such a parent could potentially leave the child feeling caged and leave no room for them to grow.

Thus, the best thing to do in a situation like this is to purchase a parental monitoring app or a spy app as it is commonly called, off of the internet and install it onto your child’s smartphone. Once it is in place, you will virtually be able to keep an eye on your child wherever they are and wherever they are going to be by monitoring the spy application regularly.

Furthermore you will also be able to keep tabs on the people your child interacts with on regular basis by monitoring them through the various bugs to make sure that none of them are making any sort of moves towards you child that may be able to foreshadow any sort of nefarious intentions they might have. Hopefully, by monitoring your children closely and keenly, you would be able to keep them safe under all circumstances.