How to Take Care of Maintenance of New Car Tyres?

How to Take Care of Maintenance of New Car Tyres?

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Despite being neglected by most of the drivers, they significantly contribute in running the vehicle. You may have recently replaced an old worn-out set of rubber and equipped your car with a brand new pair of tires. They would have become too noisy and given you hard time while applying brakes in the emergency. Traction becomes very low when driving on the wet road. After experiencing this series of difficulties you finally approached to a reputable vendor selling the best-branded treads in the city. Soon after installing a new set, you are feeling safe and calm.

Although changing a damaged pair is a good decision, do you ever think if you can delay this rapid rate of decay? Then the answer is yes. You are not alone thinking the same before signing the bill to finally buy tyres in Dubai. Like all other parts and accessories present in your vehicle, you can delay and limit the damage after taking proper care and maintenance.

Below I am sharing few critical and easy-to-follow rules everyone can follow not to just slow down the damage but also to keep them looking new and shiny all the time.

 Check and adjust the pressure

Don’t ignore checking inflation pressure every night and ensure tread is inflated at it max according to the needs. A vehicle with accurate inflation can save 5-7% on fuel consumption or their shelf life is increased by 30%. On the basis of total weight of vehicle, overall weight distribution, suspension and steering design, makers indicate the value of suitable pressure for every vehicle. Generally, it is clearly mentioned on a yellow and white sticker on the driver door jamb. If you observe a reduction of pressure, no matter it is as low as five PSI, a vehicle will start consuming more gallons per mile. Besides this, it will take more time and cover more area to stop a running car on the way. Excessive road noise which makes you more tired. This makes regular pressure checking a daily habit everyone has to follow.

 Drive safely

Totally avoid reckless driving. No matter how well-built highways and roads are present in the city; exceeding speed limits and unnecessary climbing over rocky and hilly areas will badly damage the sidewall and casing. This eventually damages the casing and sidewall of wheels. Don’t do it for adventure reasons only, unless you are actually involved in racing sports.

 Don’t overload

Overloading is one of the most common reasons of flattened tyres. Especially if it is a mini truck used for transporting goods and fleet owner don’t pay attention to it and deliver extremely heavy luggage to distant places. If your aim is to move heavily loaded vehicles, consider purchasing the most suitable brands according to this function.

 Tire rotation must be regularly monitored

 Every tyre set that is fitted in a vehicle has to wear down eventually as it inevitable to stop this kind of decay, as they are regularly in contact with roads. However, you can always slow down and avoid these abnormal wear patterns like cupping or feathering. As tires are fixed around the metallic wheels, according to experts they tend to rotate after every 6,000 miles at least. Check the guideline given by the maker to ensure its better performance and increase in life. Actually, this periodic rotation is necessary for its life. This rotation can be either happens among the wheels of the same axle or between the different axels. All of this depends on the tyre pattern.

Repair as quick as you can

If damage occurs whether it’s a small puncture or it loses its adherence with the metallic rim, get it fixed as soon as you can. Hire a proper mechanic to repair all the issues. Inspect it to see the intensity level and take steps to resolve it on a priority basis.

Annually examine the wheel alignment

 Irrespective of the frequency of its exposure on road surfaces, you can’t avoid its exposure to bumps, road breaks, and speed breaks. It can impact the overall appearance of wheel alignment after displacing it out of spec. If alignment is disturbed it will result in dislocation of the wheel and stopped a vehicle. Although annual checkups with professionals will help to overcome these issues and ensure enjoying a smooth ride.

 Summary: Maintaining and taking care of tyres is not about appearances and driving experience, rather it becomes the matter of life and death of everyone on the road.