How To Choose The Best Fit Truck Tyres?

How To Choose The Best Fit Truck Tyres?

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Truck tyre; as it says is for large vehicles and especially designed to get the most of your truck while driving on different terrains. Some are augmented to offer excellent off-the-road grip, others are made for smooth on-road handling whereas remaining offers a balance between the two. Whether you’re exploring wonderful outskirts, dragging a heavy load or simply riding along the highway, driving style, performance and choice of truck tyre is different with everyone.

When choosing, you’ve many choices to decide the right fit for your vehicle. While driving experience and style matters a lot; decision on actually buying a set of wheels depends on truck assembly. There’re three basic types of truck tyres to begin with; find out more below!

  1. Highway Truck Tyres

These are exclusively developed to augment the highway performance, durability, ultimate driving comfort and low noise. Almost all highway truck tyres are made fit for every season be it dry, wet, winter and hot thus giving you a better gas mileage as compared to the all-terrain wheels. The highway truck wheels in particular are built for sport utility, crossover vehicles, pick-up vans and full-size trucks.

If your track is a gravel driveway or pursuing a grassy field, the vehicle is bound for an off-road journey and in this case, an all-season highway truck tyre is the perfect choice for your driving needs. In-case you seek a particular brand, Dueler H/L Alenza Plus by Bridgestone is prefect for your SUV, CUV or any other fleet of super-size vehicle; guaranteeing a quiet and comfortable highway experience like never before.

  1. The All-terrain Truck Tyres

For truck tyres that are made for both off and on-road track, you may relay the requirements to retailer or dealer directly. Make sure you get an impressive set of wheels with all-terrain capability that delivers exceptional handling, smooth ride even in the toughest road conditions and can haul heavier loads. Tread design have to be well-balanced so that you feel the road less with optimum driving comfort.

These all-terrain truck tyres boast a more aggressive or deeper tread design that’s an emblem of increased traction when the vehicle moves off the pavement. When buying, you’re likely to find the tread depth much deeper with wider grooves and larger tread block elements as compared to the highway truck tyre. Road traction is far more enhanced and noticeable as you drive off-the-road or on unpaved terrain.

The all-terrain truck wheels are made with optimised tread compounds to counter chip and tear when hauling or driving on a rough track. It’s a choice for versatile drivers with superb grip characteristics.

  1. Mud Tyres – Max Traction Truck Wheels

If your driving preference is soft and muddy ground or can be a bit rocky, max traction or mud tyres must be considered. They’re typically larger featuring tread lugs to grip perfectly over loose surfaces and a perfect balance on difficult terrains. Some drivers feel comfortable with all that tough skidding sound and aggressive looks of a max traction truck tyre, giving a more personalised ride.


It’s important selecting a tyre that offers perfect handling and attributes based on the vehicle design and driving preferences. The above information would help you land a perfect set of wheels for your truck.