Say “Thank You” Nicely With These Six Gifts

Say “Thank You” Nicely With These Six Gifts

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There’re lots of ways to say “thank you” and gift giving is the best one. Common reason includes as a token of appreciation to someone who assisted you during fund raising or any other event. Others may be public servants for their contribution in social services and even a neighbor who cleaned the sidewalk of your home. Whatever the reason, thank you gifts can be anything from a gift card, a homemade dish or keepsakes from an event! Check out a few ideas as given under.

  1. Meal in a Box

Meal in a box is one of the best ways to say “thank you” via gift as long as it’s homemade. You can easily store them in measured and small containers so all you need is to follow guidelines accurately and add necessary ingredients. By measuring each ingredient, you can save a lot of time with cooking. Some convenient meal gifts can be soups, pasta dishes, sandwiches, stew or kebabs. Make sure to wrap them nicely in a foil that preserves freshness.

  1. Certificate to a Skin & Nail Salon

It’ll only cost around $20 or $25! A gift certificate/coupon to a local skin and nail salon is a most proactive means to say thank you. Beneficiary can enjoy free manicure, pedicure, eyebrows waxed, hand massage and other rejuvenating services.

  1. Passes to a Fast Food Restaurant

Passes to buffet at recipient’s favorite fast food restaurant makes a perfect gift and you don’t even need to break the bank. Gift pass may cover lunch, evening snack or dinner with additional side dishes including beverages and desserts. Each item in the menu is mostly inexpensive.

  1. Picture Frames & Holders

For volunteering events you’re hosting or being an office employee, picture frames makes an all-time favorite present. All you need is to shoot a group photo, have it placed in the photo frame, wrap neatly and gift! Frame can either be traditional or the latest digital with automatic picture changing option. For digital frame, each picture should be in electronic form.

  1. Snacks & Beverage Gifts

Snack gifts are much like meal in a box but include sample packs of tea and coffee alongside edible goods. You can easily buy these items in bulk at a convenient cost and include them in every snack gift wrap, add small packages of chocolates and drink mixes.

Beverage gifts go beyond the usual edible goods. It can be customized mugs bearing logos or thank you as an insignia. Etched beer steins make another excellent present which can be used either for drinking or as a table décor. These “thank you” gifts are inexpensive and practical that everyone loves having.

  1. Service Gifts

Finest example can be of audible messages recorded either on a CD or as audio files saved over external hard drive. Once recorded, have it delivered to the desired recipient and there’s no other way to personally express your gratitude. Meanwhile, be careful while recording and do listen before sending. Make sure it doesn’t have anything offensive or too personal if recipient is just a common office mate.

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