Grab Some Richness from These Historical Spots

Grab Some Richness from These Historical Spots

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Delhi is not just the capital of India but it is a beautiful tourist place too. Many tourists visit capital to experience the spots it caters. The city has stunning places for everyone to visit. Once you will experience the variety, you are going to second the view.

The capital comprises the rich history and it is replicated with the antique buildings, historical places, monuments, forts, shrines and so on. A visitor can definitely relish Historical walks in Delhi that to in a single day. After experiencing these spots, one cannot say that Delhi is just about hustle and bustle.

The Historical Charisma

Numerous of historical spots of Delhi plays a significant role in raising the charm of India. Some of these historical places are like Jama masjid, Red forts, Tuglakabad, Mehrauli, Firozabad and so on. Out of these historical places, some are constructed by Mughals while others by the British. The importance of these historical spots is that they depict the ancient history. Of course, tourists and visitors get captivated by the creativity and richness of these spots.

Red Fort

  • Talking about Red Fort, it was constructed by great Shah Jahan during the times of 1639-1648. Shah Jahan settled Shahjahanabad which is the current Old Delhi and seventh town of Delhi. Shah Jahan shifted his capital here in Delhi from Agra in the year 1649.
  • The visitors can also witness the Diwan-i-Aam, Naqqar Khana, and Diwan-i-Khas, Rang Mahal palace, Khas Mahal palace, Mumtaz Mahal palace and the Moti Masjid mosque as well in the fort. Moreover, Lal Kila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site too.
  • You know this fort served as residence for Mughal Emperors for around 200 years. The alive structures of fort are its ramparts and walls, the imperial apartments, the audience halls, and the main gates.

Humayun’s Tomb

  • Humayun’sTomb is the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. It was constructed after the death of great Humayun by his older widow Bega Begum. It is actually the first garden tomb in Indian Subcontinent. This stunning tomb stands in the middle of a beautiful square garden known as Charbagh. It possesses thin water channels running through it. Various rulers of the great Mughal Dynasty are buried here.
  • The tomb is made up of shining red sandstone along with a white marble dome. The frontage possesses arches in the middle and sides and is considered an important landmark in great Mughal architecture.

Lodi Garden

  • Lodhi Garden is scattered over an area of around 90 acres. It possesses five gorgeous architectural works of fifteenth century- Sikander Lodi’s Tomb, Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, BaraGumbad and Sheesh Gumbad.
  • The Lodi Tomb in Lodi garden displays the superb art of rich Mughal architecture. People also visit this garden for embracing freshness and leisure. Even families carry out their picnic and walks in this splendid garden.

Thus, if you want to cherish the plethora of Delhi heritage places, then you must take out some time for your trip to capital. These places can acquaint you with the glories of past and magnificence of present.