Find Some Pool Décor Ideas For Backyard Weddings

Find Some Pool Décor Ideas For Backyard Weddings

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It’s a great idea to plan for a backyard wedding, in summer; pools are suitable places to break the heat. Look at the bluish combination of sky and pool water and feel the different hues of dawning sun. how appealing it can be? The gleaming sparkle of lights and water will enhance the elegance of your celebration. There are different modern patterns to decorate pool and area around it. You can run your creativity to give your reception a big hit it’s as simple as creating your own DIY wedding card, so let’s share the ideas:

Floating Candles

Floating candles are such an inexpensive way to décor pools; these are the sign of peace, love, and purity. Lighting candles and twinkling stars add regal beauty to your reception. There are many options possible for floating candle over water, by placing it on a leaf, using jelly candles etc.

Hanging Candles

Candles can be placed in mason jars and hang around the pools nearby pool or can be arranged on a candle stand and simply use it as a centerpiece for a pool.

Flowers And Flower Petals

You can adorn pool with a bunch of flowers according to your wedding theme. Spread a combination of white and red rose petals with sweet saint fragrance.

Floating Monograms

Floating monograms of floral or led light can be decorated over water using first letters of couple’s name.

Floating Balloons

You can also grace up a pool with floating balloons and arrange candles around the boundary of the pool to create a classic look. You can either place different colors of balloons in the pool.


Both ordinary and floating fountains could be placed in a pool to refresh your invitees with a tint of a backyard, blowing winds and tiny droplets of water; falling from the fountain. Just think how much fun it’d be to swim with it. Laser light shows can also be organized using fountains and rotating lights.

Under Water Light Show


Using rotating lights different underwater effects can be featured.

Above Water Lights

Huge lights of water lily flowers, jellyfish etc. are available, that can be float above water.

Floating Pomanders

Stick colorful carnations or different seasonal flowers into Styrofoam balls and float them in your pool.

Giant Rafts

Décor your pool with Giant rafts of any duck and swan.

Led Light Pool Sculpture, Lanterns

You can dress up your pool with LED light sculptures. There is no limit of decorative LED objects available in a market.

Décor Around The Pool

Go creative with an area around the pool; it’s up to your ideas that how well you decorate it. You can use different furnishing ideas; arrange satin pillows of different colors. All you need is to place these bright color satin yards to make it rich and luxurious. It will give your invitees an eye-catching look.