Enjoying The Trip To Delhi By Visiting The Different Attractions Here

Enjoying The Trip To Delhi By Visiting The Different Attractions Here

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Dilli Haat

It could be that the person is aspiring to visit the city of Delhi to get to see the different places of interest here and to get to know the past and the present. Travelling on his own, the person is not likely to see much or make the most of his trip, since he would not have planned properly the trip and may simply miss out on the most important attractions.

Things to do in Delhi during the trip

Consulting a reputed tour guide or a travel agency is sure to help the person to utilize the number of days spent in the region wisely and enjoy to his satisfaction.

Experiencing Qawwali At the Nizamuddin Dargah

Nizamuddin Dargah

This dargah is said to have gained immense popularity especially with the shooting of the popular movies Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Rockstar at this location. Every Thursday after sunset namaz, qawwali sessions are held. The music here is simply are soul stirring and one can get to experience the rich Sufi music.

Visiting Ghalib’s Haveli

This haveli was once the official residence of Mirza Ghalib, a genius Urdu poet. The haveli is located in Old Delhi, at Ballimaran and has been declared by the Indian Archaeological Survey as a heritage site. Ghalib used to write Urdu and Persian poetry and was a pen name for Mirza Md. Asadullah Khan. If the tourist loves poetry, then this place definitely needs to be on his itinerary.

Food & Craft At Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat

The Dilli has been inspired by the Village markets, is regarded to be a permanent open air craft bazaar and food plaza located opposite to the INA market in South Delhi. There are two other locations in Janakpuri and Pitampura. It is a wonderful place for shopping craft and art products, to enjoy mouthwatering food and engage in cultural activities. The visitor can also shop for clothing, home décor, shoes, accessories and other things. Children can also enjoy themselves as there is present a play area. Some of the events celebrated here are the Sharbat Festival and Delhi Summer Festival.

Attending the Parliament Session

Being the political capital of the country, visiting Delhi and missing out the Parliament is a sad thing. The Sansad Bhawan is where the Indian parliament is held, which is located in Nayi Dilli or New Delhi. This is based upon the Ashoka Chakra and is considered to be a circular building. It is here that the parliament sessions are held and important decisions concerning the country are held.

Visiting the Surajkund Mela: The Surajkund Mela is held in Faridabad, Haryana where one can get to experience drum beats and splash of colors. It is held during every February on the first fortnight. During this time, Indian cultural heritage and folk traditions can be enjoyed. It is also an international event attracting foreign travelers in hundreds, showcasing the diversity and richness of the handlooms, handicrafts, and cultural fabric. Every year, the theme of the mela is the different Indian states.

In short, a well-planned trip is sure to help the entire family to enjoy their tour of the city of Delhi.